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Acardion Aluminium RFID Blocking Armoured Wallet Case - Blue

Meet Acardion. Built like a tank yet small and lightweight, with card slots and space for all your cash and RFID protection to help stop wireless card fraud, this is a perfect travel or everyday solution for carrying all your valuables securely. Blue.
  • Mobile Fun ID 66173
  • Brand Acardion
  • Acardion
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Why Buy?

  • Stylish, functional and super-secure wallet case for everyday use
  • RFID wireless fraud protection
  • Accordion style design
  • Impact-resistant and weather-resistant aluminium casing
  • Lightweight and compact

Stylish, functional and super-secure wallet case for everyday use

This smooth, sleek armoured wallet case is the perfect option for storing your ATM sized cards cards and far more besides. Combining utility and RFID fraud protection, this wallet case effortlessly blends style, substance and safety. Store all your most valauble cards (it can hold up to 10 easily - a lot more if you want to really load the pockets up) as well as keys, cash, change, documents and anything else you may need to travel light, all in one secure place. Acardion makes it easy with just one push on the open button.

Acardion Aluminium RFID Blocking Armoured Wallet Case

RFID wireless fraud protection

RFID (radio frequency identification) fraud, or wireless identity theft, is worryingly becoming more and more common. Essentially, with certain technology, it's possible for criminals to steal your credit or debit card information without laying a hand on the card itself by using certain scanners. Don't worry, though - Acardion features integrated RFID fraud prevention technology layers that deny the scanners access to the chips in the cards, so you can rest assured that you're safe from wireless fraud while your cards rest in the wallet.

Acardion Aluminium RFID Blocking Armoured Wallet Case

Accordion style design

When it comes to providing quick and comprehensive access to your valuables, there is no better solution than an accordion design. While you may not be able to get a decent tune out of it, you will be able to quickly view and select from the contents of the Acardion in seconds, just by opening the case wider. When you're done, just close it up again and everything folds conveniently flat. Perfect.

Acardion Aluminium RFID Blocking Armoured Wallet Case

Impact-resistant and weather-resistant aluminium casing

Acardion is perfect for every day use, especially on your travels. By selecting aluminium casing, it not only absorbs any impact you're likely to subject it to, it also keeps it light. When closed properly, the case is waterproof and will certainly stand up to whatever mother nature will throw at it. Being able to travel light and keep all your cards, ID  and money safe also makes Acardion the perfect travel accessory, so don't leave home without it.

Acardion Aluminium RFID Blocking Armoured Wallet Case

Lightweight and compact

Acardion is only as large and as heavy as it needs to be. That is to say, it's not very big and certainly not very heavy, especially when you consider how much punishment it can take. You can slip Acardion in your bag, jeans or coat pocket which makes it very portable indeed.

Acardion Aluminium RFID Blocking Armoured Wallet Case

Key Details

Part No metafun blue
UPC 5056208101020
Colour Blue

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