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aircharge Micro USB Wireless Charging Receiver Reviews

The aircharge Wireless Charging Receiver attaches to the Micro USB port of your phone, allowing you to charge your device on any Qi compatible charging station.
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 4.6 stars from 12 customers

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Works Perfectly
I plan to buy an iPhone 8 later this year so I found a deal on a wireless charger that I could use with it that I couldn't pass up. I found out that I can use the charger with my iPhone 5s if I had a wireless charging receiver so I bought this one. It worked perfectly. I can't believe how much faster these wireless chargers charge my phone. I'd give this product 5 stars if it didn't put out heat. I wasn't aware it would do that. Anyway, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
Outstanding value, brilliant invention works with my blackberry and my Sony phones
Works easily, good value
Great product
I have an Apple 7+ and it’s not QI .. I purchased the base not knowing your phone has to be QI capable. So I saw this Aircharge Wireless charging receiver. Bingo! Did the trick. I put it in the charging port, laid it on the charging base & now my phone charges, and charges pretty quickly I might add! Thank you!
Works perfectly!
We installed aircharge stations on various tables and surface through our lab but found most guest couldn't take advantage of them...until I found these new Aircharge Micro USB & Lightning Wireless Charging Receivers. Since receiving them people are charging iPhones and android devices all the time.
Love my Aircharge!!!
Fast service. Works like a charm. Thanks Guys!!
Great accessories
I love the external wireless adapter to charge me phone. It's flexible and works everywhere.
This product works great
This product works great, and fits anywhere you need it.
My Savior
After been falsely led to believe that I can use my iPhone 7P on a Qi wireless charger, Mobile Fun came to my rescue and solved the problem with the Aircharge. Fabulous item that makes Qi wireless charging possible for iPhones.
Wireless charge
The product is well made. Should have 2 different micro usb meaning left and right

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