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CableJive DockBoss Smart Audio iPhone 6 / 5S to Apple 30 Pin Adaptor Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Connect your Apple device including the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 5S / 5 as well as iPads and iPods to your 30 Pin Apple dock devices.
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 4.6 stars from 22 customers

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Doesn't work in my car so useless to me. Drive an audi a4 2011
Great product. Much cheaper than buying a tuner!
As above.
A gadget that works!!
Bought this so we could use our Bose docking station with my Motorola G4 mobile phone and my husband's Nexus tablet. At one point we were contemplating buying the Bose Bluetooth speaker at a cost of £150 so we could have the same high quality Bose sound with our tablet and mobile phones. So glad I did a bit of research and came across this site. I don't usually complete reviews but so impressed with this cable jive dockboss I felt the need to share my happinesses!! I love a gadget that works.
I bought the cable jive adapter for my Bose system so I could use other devices and not just an iPod. This works perfectly just as stated and it was delivered promptly I could not be any happier. I highly recommend this adapter if you need one for a Bose music system.
I bought the cable jive adapter for my Bose system so I could use other devices and not just an iPod. This works perfectly just as stated and it was delivered promptly I could not be any happier. I highly recommend this adapter if you need one for a Bose music system.
Cablejive Dockboss
Hi there received my Cablejive Dockboss today..... connected it to my Samsung tablet, then the car sound system..... AWESOME... worked like a charm. Thanks Mobilefun
Maui (Wgtn NZ)
Works, but with restrictions
I bought this to use in my Mercedes B Class which came fitted with an Ipod dock and all of my music is on my Android phone. Despite a number of e-mails to and fro with Mobile Fun customer services, I stil didn't get a proper answer to my queations regarding how it would work in my car, but bought the item anyway. Well it works in as much as it plays the music from my Android phone through the car speakers and I can adjust the volume from the steering wheel buttons - but that's it. You have to control Album/Track or Playlist selection from the phone and it just connects to the speakers. This is fine for my own requirements - I just start up the Music app on my phone and select shuffle. Depending on your own requirements, this can be a cost effective way of playing music from an Android device in your car.
Works perfectly with my BlackBerry Z10 and Pioneer DEH-P6900IB car stereo
Having just upgraded from an iPhone 4S to a BlackBerry Z10 I needed a small, efficient and effective solution to connect my new phone to the iPod lead on my Pioneer stereo

As soon as I plugged the adapter in the stereo recognised it. I then connected the 3.5mm jack into my new phone and it works perfectly with no loss of quality
Great company
Excellent service, fast delivery. Good communication. Highly recommended A+
My car has the wiring for my ipod, and I wanted to convert that hook up so that it could attach to my Samsung Galaxy 3 and unfortunately, it doesn't do what I wanted. It was all the right connections, but it's not recognized by my car. Dang those apple products....it's their product, or no product.
It's probably a great product, just doesn't work as I wanted it to :(
Fixed upgrade woes and it future proof!
Have you just upgraded from any of the iPhones to the lastest model that has an alien connector? Suddenly realised that all of your docking stations and in car kits are now completely obsolete?! Think again... I bought this cable to continue listening to music on an iPhone dock I have at home, carry on using my iPhone 5 in my car to listen to music and to ensure that I have future proofed myself from another connector change. How long have we had the 3.5mm headphone jack...that isn't going anywhere just yet (hopes!).
Anyway, this adaptor has made everything a lot easier and saves me a lot of money on docking station replacement. I don't know what crossed Apples mind but their official '30 pin to lighting adaptor' is quite tall. Meaning that your expensive new iPhone 5 would be sitting aloft a tower that is the adaptor. This put me off. But this cable that adapts any 30 pin dock to headphone jack is perfectly simple and works great. All you need to keep our music playing out of your favourite docking station!
Just what I needed
Brought this as the new iPhone 5 is not comparable with my old docking system which I used for iPhone 3.
This was easy to fit and works well.
Simple and saved me lots
This device means you can use your Samsung Galaxy phone with your ipod dock/in car device. It's great for me because I keep all my music on my phone these days so now I can listen to it wherever I like. You just plug it into the phone and then to the device where the ipod would normally go so it's very simple to use.
Exactly what I wanted!!
Ordered after a conversation with a helpful advisor and it arrived the next morning. I wanted a cable jack that would plug into my cd player's ipod dock and play the music on my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone through the cd player's speakers. Result. Ok-not the cheapest of products but well built and unlike the cheap Ebay options....this one works-very pleased with my purchase.
Cable jive Dock Boss
Fast shipping and a great product that has allowed us to use an old bose sound dock as a sonos zone ;-) result.
Does exactly what it claims to do - excellent!
Essentially, this does exactly what it says on the tin. It's not cheap, but the build quality is excellent and it's not just a simple cable - there is a small chip built in to maximize compatibility. Sound-wise, I've encountered no distortion or loss of quality: sounds play just as if an iPod was docked directly.

It's plug-and-play and has worked with my laptop, MP3 player and tablet computer so far with no problems. How I wish my Bose SoundDock had shipped with one of these!

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