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Olixar Travel Adapter with 4 USB ports 4.8A Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Ideal for use at home or worldwide, this Olixar Travel Adapter includes 4 interchangeable mains adapters and features 4 USB ports totalling 4.8 Amps output for recharging your mobile or even power hungry tablet devices.
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 4.9 stars from 144 customers

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Brilliant foes what it says on the packet
Delivery of what is needed when i want it
This is what you need
I have two of this Olixar travel adapter. I like it very much as this device makes your life much easier, especially in travels ( it comes with changeable sockets. I recommend i. Really what you have to have in your suitcase in travels!
Makes all your USB cables neat & tidy. Charges fast as well.
A perfect charging device to get if you have more than one device to charge. Highly recommended I bought two!
USB Travel Adapter
Excellent product a little on the expensive side. It should have come with a box for the individual adapter. Love it
Well Worth the money
This is a very good product, well made and being able to charge 4 devices off one plug socket is a god send if like me you travel a lot and take several devices with you. I use this for travelling with work and when I see my family who all have phones, tablets etc. so charging is made simple.
I would buy this product again.
I was very impressed with this product, you can charge 4 devices at the same time, which saves on sockets. I wouldn’t change anthing about this product at all. It is a spot on device for my needs.
Amazing little adapter. Great idea with the changeable mto region adapters to slide in. Small and easy to pack. Cost very competitive, delivery service brilliant. Would recommend both the company and gadget.
Amazing product well suggested
I purchased 3 of them as they are amazing product! The variety of plugs that comes with allows me to use it while travelling!
Well suggested ! Its a must!!
Nice bit of kit.
As soon as the package arrived my wife pressed one of the units into action - good job this was a BOGOF. The second unit is for use on our holiday as we are always vying for the one lead. Nice bit of kit!
Very good
This works extremely well. I travel a lot so I bought one to keep in my motor home plus one to take abroad when on holiday without the van plus one as a present for my Grandaughter. For my house I already had one installed but this make would have been more convenient.
Bought this to take on holiday. What a boon being able to charge 4 items at the same time. Didn't need to take USB adaptors or power adaptors
Real Neat Travel Adapter
Great adapter changeable plug heads so can be used pretty much world wide. Love it arrived promptly and exactly as decribede
Suoer fast charging
This is a great charger. I have already bought and taken one to USA. Worked perfectly with adapter supplied. Quickly charges 4 items at once. Bought 2nd one as a gift. Excellent product.
Great 2nd buy
This multiple charger is great. This is my 2nd buy as I needed oa separate ne for when I'm travelling. Everything charges on this my iPhone iPad mini, ring doorbell and Fitbit. Have recommended it to all my friends.
Wish I had got one earlier.
Very useful and space saving charger, no need to take separate adaptors and chargers on your travels, this does the lot Charges MP3 players Smartphones cameras and tablets etc
Good Product
I purchased two of these and I am happy with them. Always happy with MobileZap. One of the best sites to buy accessories from.
very happy great service
All excellent
Convenient but heavy
Bought this to replace individual USB chargers. For world travellers with a lot of devices to charge at the same time, or find insufficient sockets to use, this is a handy, if HEAVY, piece of kit.
On reflection, I decided to return it and stick to using two (much much lighter) chargers and manage as always, by charging the devices two at a time in individual sockets.
Average at best
This charger works fine but be aware that it can be quite slow with multiple devices charging through it at the same time.
Great charger. It charges my phone very quickly with its high amperage, allows me to charger a few devices all at once and is perfect for when I go overseas - it'll? save me a tonne on travel adapters!
Fantastic product
Love this adaptor. Can charge four devices off one plug which is perfect when travelling. A pity it doesn't come with a bag or something to store it in but a good quality product regardless. Has four interchangeable plug heads one for US, one for EU one for UK and one for AU.
Good stuff
Good usb charger, handy for travel
Excellent product
Bought for travelling, but using at home too.
It is an excellent piece of equipment. Charges quickly and will charge 4 different items at one go (although a bit slower)!
Brilliant for travelling, just take the right slide on adapter for the country you are visiting and you don't need any other adapters
Have bought 2 and will be buying more for other family members.
It recharges two devices, phone and iPad, on any socket I have ever come accross worldwide
I was looking for a present for the person who has everything, and who obviously travels quite a bit. What to do? And then I hit upon this marvel. It recharges two devices, phone and iPad, on any socket I have ever come accross worldwide. It gets better! If there are no spare sockets, no problem. The built in rechargeable battery will charge them anyway. Pack just this abd a couple of cables, and you are done.
The only problem is that I was so pleased with my present I will now have to buy one for myself. Still, that is my birthday presents for the year sorted.
Excellent product
First time I used it charged 2 tablets & 2 phones. All charged in excellent time. I now use it daily as my main charging source.
Ideal for compact multi-device charging
Plenty of power to charge 4 devices, compact shape and size. This will be my charging solution from now on in all countries.
charges multiple device with one product!
charges multiple device with one product!
Love it
Saves using multiple powerpoints
Very useful, practical product!
I recently purchased the Olixar travel adapter/charger with 4 USB ports. I'm not actually using this for travelling - but it's fantastic for charging: 2 x USB Type C phones + 1or 2 x USB mini devices simultaneously. This neat little device has helped us get rid of multiple chargers formerly plugged in all over the kitchen -- now we just have one plug! And if you really were travelling with this plug it would be perfect, with its multiple national wall plugs!
Perfecr for travel or home
Excellent build quality, with easy to change adaptors.
One plug charg 4 devices Safely , Great
Great easy to assemble , put which ever plug adapter on and safely charges 4 devices together , each device recieving full power to charge device , all 4 at same time . Great
This is exactly what I was after what a brilliant invention love it
No Real Complaints
As everything you can buy now is charged via a usb cable, this product comes in mighty handy to free up sockets.

It's not the quickest of chargers but does a good enough job to keep the phone(s), the tablet, and all the other things that we use at home, charged.

The fact that it also serves as a travel charger is a bonus.
Great for travel. One charger to rule them all. Just been away with the family and we had this set up and four items charging almost the entire time. Such space saving.
What you see is what you get.
I struggled for plug sockets even more so when traveling, don't have that problem anymore. Great product, good service, would highly recommend as a must have.
Happy with this product, a bit pricey towards other makes, should have done my homework as could have got it cheaper but that's my own fault. The charger is great, love being able to charge up to 4 things at once.
Perfect charger for travels
We used it in Ireland and the mainland of Europe and it worked perfect. All you need to do is bring the cables. It charges fine and quick. Perfect for traveling.
Very useful
Primarly bought this to use overseas, with the supplied plug fittings. But it is very useful for home too, my phone, tablet and FitBit all in one socket. Great quality and compact.
Fantastic product
Charges 4 Items at once, No clutter. Just pure efficiency,
Bought 2 for the price of one. My son is in Equador and using it at the moment.
I am in Spain and using it at the moment. Great product, Highly recommend.
It save a bust up
With 2 iPad and 2 mobile phones and only 1 spare socket in the kitchen it stop us coming to blows for having unplugged a partly charged device. Life's much more peaceful
The only charger you'll ever need
If you are, like me, a little overwhelmed by devices ('phone, e-cigarette, tablet, watch, MiFi router ...) and/or you travel regularly, this is the one you need. Takes up just one socket and keeps all your devices up and running. Great product, great service
Travel adapter
Excellent for travelling, as well as using at home.
its great able to charge all my gadgets at once
its great able to use one power point and charge all my gadgets using the 4 port usb adapter really convenient
I'm heading overseas next year, and this is just what I required. So much tech these days!
Super Travel Adapter Powerful. Flexible
Brilliant Travel Adapter, allowed me to charge all 4 gadgets at once. Robust good fast charge. Used on a cycle touring holiday, and by removing the plug packed snugly. Can only be improved by size reduction over time.Highly recommended
good compact unit
good compact unit. easy change over of adaptors to suit different countries. multi voltage.
This charger charges my tablet really fast I can bring it with me on holiday for a quick charge so I don't have to stay in for long
Looks to be an excellent product
I must point out that although it works fine in the UK, the real test for this adapter will be later in the year when I visit Asia and the Middle East, which is the reason I wanted it.

Before buying it, I compared the price that Mobile Fun was offering this unit for with other on-line companies and it proved to be excellent value. I also compared reviews of several different adapters and it was also very highly rated.
Good service,got what i paid for
Good service,got what i paid for
worth the money
I have a few items that charge via USB and this is very helpful 1 plug and 4 sockets. I maybe getting more at a later stage as I have 4 kids and their device need charging almost every day.
You can't go wrong with this travel charger, I've tried it on my iPhone and my family's other devices and it's great, it does what it says, it's a fast charger that works plus you can charge 4 devices at the same time.
I'm so glad I bought this, not only will it be great for when my family and I go on holiday but it will work just as great at home for charging our stuff and it frees up sockets to.
The perfect travel companion.
Ideal for the traveler I never go anywhere without it.
Best buy
When my old charger for my Samsung galaxy Tab S broke down and wasn't charging any more or took way too long to charge. I decided to buy This product And it does what it says it was charging even faster than my original charger was. Would recommend it to anyone.
4+4=1 yes one
When I saw this I thought is it as good as it look,yes it is why because it`s four plus in one with four USB leads in one socket, but I thought. the price was a bit high at29.99 but with the offer of buy one get one free at the time was about right... I can see that the price has came down and that good, will be tacking it on holiday to Portugal this mouth,easy to pack
Handy Item
Very handy having four ports for charging of phones and tablets.
Charges fairly fast even with 2 - 3 items on charge. Nice looking design. Also handy having 4 different plug attachments for use in various countries. Discounted price competitive but original price very expensive/high compared to local items. Admittedly 4 port items not common in the local outlets.
This is a great product for the traveller
This is a great product for the traveller, comes with adapters for all Europe plugs and many other Countries. Its small enough to fit in your hand luggage or suitcase, also can come with its own travel bag.
Some say 'Don't forget your toothbrush'. I say 'Don't go anywhere without your Olixar Travel Adapter'!
This Olixar Travel Adapter solves the issue of buying the correct adapted for whichever Continent or Country you are visiting and allows four USB devices to be charged all at once. Although it says it's a Travel Adapter (it's compact size makes it easy to pack) it works equally well at home and solves the modern day problem of each family member wanting their phone or tablet charged up overnight. I bought two of them which arrived very quickly. One is in constant use the other is sitting in the suitcase ready for our next holiday. Some say 'Don't forget your toothbrush'. I say 'Don't go anywhere without your Olixar Travel Adapter'!
Great product
I bought this on a fantastic buy one get one free offer for myself and my daughter and I'm so please I did! Such a handy item and fantastic for in the house and on holiday since can charge four items at once so saves times and lots of moans and groans from my impatient teenage daughter! Would recommend for others for both home and away
Was going away within 3 days when the email came through with this adapter. It arrived in time, I used all week in Greece to charge 2 x iPhones and 2 x iPads, it works and is well built and designed.
Great ide
This product is a smart and tidy way to charge multiple phones and iPads etc.... Great value
It does what it says on the box
Tired of carting mains adapters and chargers with you for all of your appliances when you go on holiday? Then this is the device for you. All you need to take with you is the Olixar 4 USB mains Charger and the USB charging leads for each of your appliances (mobile phone, tablet etc.). The charger comes complete with interchangeable plugs that can be used in the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia, among others. It has revolutionised my holiday packing!
Very good product
Great service price is very good delivery is quick
very good value
Quick delivery, good product
Excellent item & service
I have received this mains charger in two days from ordering, it is well built, fast and would highly recommend. The company has service that is second to none and not often experienced nowadays. Many companies could learn a lesson or two
Does what it says on the box
The Olixar 4 USB Mains Charger allows the charging of 4 gadgets simultaneously. It comes with adaptors that are suitable for use in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia/New Zealand. Its use means that it is not necessary to use individual adaptors to charge each appliance. This is a well worthwhile purchase for anybody who travels abroad.
One Fast Charger
Simply put this is the fastest charger that we have for charging our iPads and iPhones. It comes with a variety of different swappable main plugs should you want to travel with it.
We don't use the original plugs any more as this is far faster at charging and more convenient only using one plug and having 4 USB ports to charge
Excellent product
Very useful device around the home for charging a number of devices and will be ideal when we go abroad on holiday in the next few weeks.
Super multi charger
I bought. This charger as I wanted to multi charge at the same time phones and iPads .
It's cool , does what it says with a faster charging time , 4 usb charging , easy to use and has multi pin , fantastic for travel use .
Small and compact.
Highly recommend !
This is one of the most useful thigs l have bought
This is one of the most useful thigs l have bought. Instead of haveing to use 4 seperate points to plug items into for charging, l now only have to use one point for this very useful plug. The added bonus is being able to check on the battery status off each item all in the one place. One word BRILLIANT.This is the third item l have bought from mobile fun and have been delighted with all three. THANKS
Surprised fast Delivery and device works perfect
This is not my first time ordering from mobilefun. This particular order arrived much earlier than expected...compared to my other orders.

As the owner of Samsung s6, Samsung tab s, Samsung note 4 and an LG Urbane, my mobile life revolves round constant charging and using 4 spaces on my power adapter. This Olixar charger takes same time to charge my note 4 just like using the original fast charger. Same goes to the other devices especially the LG urbane. The original urbane charger tells me how much I need to charge it to 100%. The Olixar takes exactly same time to fully charge it.The 4 ports on it means I can charge all 4 devices at same time with required power draw and 3 plugs less. One thing to note is that the Olixar charger cuts off power to devices when fully charged which I find great to preserve battery life. The original chargers don't do that. All i meed for my travels and at home are 4 usb cables and my olixar charger. Comes with 4 worldwide adapter plugs. Loving it.
Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Good solid product, easy to use with multiple devices & great value for money. Doesn't overheat like you would expect & charges all devices with ease.
Brilliant Find
This was such a brilliant find. So much neater and only one socket needs to be used to charge up 4 separate items. Well done Mobile Fun, this is the third item l have bought from you in a short space of time and have been delighted with all three items. Delivery very quick, ordering simple, and in my case all the items do exactly what they are supposed to do. BIG WELL DONE l would recommend this site to anyone
Great product
This is the product you need to charge the essentials at home or abroad, has all the interchangeable plug points you would need.
What a difference...
I purchased this item for two main reasons, 1)the 4 x USB sockets and the 5amp supply to them. I was dubious as to how well it would work, but have been pleasantly surprised with it able to function with fast charging. Glad I bought two as my wife has nicked one already...
Very convenient device for travelling and for home as well, the size you need to save the space. Recommend it. Worth money
great gadget
Great wee piece of equipment. Keeps everything tidy and saves using up a lot of electrical points. I have ordered more for all the family as it is great for travelling with all the interchangeable plugs.
Does the job
Why have lots of chargers when you can have just one . Does what is says with no fuss .
Good Tool
I find it to be a very good tool to take along for travel and charge all my phones and other materials. It's very handy.
N.B.It was supposed to be a BOGOF but i got one in the pack. Could it be my mistake?
MobileFun Reply
Hi there, thanks for the review.

If you email or ring our customer service team with your order ID, they will be happy to look into it for you.
All charged up and tidy
Charging electrical equipment every day, usually about the same time is a pain. Not only do you have to juggle the plugs on the extension outlet [ a double socket outlet by itself is just not enough ] the cables are always long and get jumbled up. Having four cables from a single outlet makes this easier, once the cables are tidied up to suit the regular layout for each.
This is even more pertinent in hotel rooms where there are few socket outlets.
What's more the attachments provided mean I can take the Charger abroad and not find myself blind and deaf.
great bit of kit
Does what it says on the tin. Has freed up a number of sockets plus it was buy one get one free.
Solve the USB charging problem
This device solves my charging problem for tablet, phone, ereader & ewatch instantly - I don't have enough power sockets to plug everything in at once: this solution is much more compact than a 4-gang mains adapter. It works brilliantly if you're travelling ... Its light and compact, only needs one EU or US socket & plugs in direct using the appropriate supplied adapter.
Great charger
This is a great charger, compact enough to travel with, and seems sturdy enough to put up with the rigours of travel.

I've only used 2 of the USB ports to charge simultaneously so far, but I've tested all 4, and they all work.
Great charger
This is a great charger, compact enough to travel with, and seems sturdy enough to put up with the rigours of travel.

I've only used 2 of the USB ports to charge simultaneously so far, but I've tested all 4, and they all work.
If your wife complains about all the wires try this!!!
Very neat compact plug with 4 USB outlets, keeps everything together and works well
A brilliant piece of kit
Makes charging more than one device so easy
Love it
Great for travelling
The charger arrived promptly within 2 days and was well packaged. The charger is able to accept 4 lightning cables thereby replacing 4 plugs with cables which is so much more compact. However I was surprised that the charger is bigger and heavier than I imagined which counteracts some of the benefits. However when in a hotel room, it will be so much easier for the 2 of us to charge our devices with this. Great idea.
A really useful, practical charger.
One of the best things I've bought in a long time! As a regular traveller between the UK, Europe and SE Asia this charger is so convenient. It is quite capable of simultaneously charging an iPad, iPhone and other USB powered devices, which we now seem to have a plethora of. Compared with other adaptors and chargers that I've had in the past, this one is far more robust. The interchangeable plugs lock with a positive feel, but are also easy to swap. We no longer have to carry multiple chargers around the world with us, top marks!
What you have always wanted
I love this Charger. One plug in and 4 USB connections. I have the phone, the iPad and watch all plugged in to one main plug and a spare one for a visitor if needed.
No hassle with delivery, very prompt. Would certainly shop at mobile fun again.
Travelers Dream!!
I recently purchased the Olixar Travel Adapter - OMGee - this product is a LIFESAVER in a small hotel room with limited outlets and more an enough gadgets. It made charging a breeze - I switched it from a British switch to a U.S. switch time and time again. I'll probably buy another. I love it. Best travel accessory created in a long time.
Inovative clutter free time saving gadget
basic technical info, reputable brand and value for money. This gadget has all of these and is a must for anyone with more than one item which requires sub charging. The designer also had safety in mind as it has all of the items in one place instead of cables everywhere which anyone could trip over. Excellent product.
4 plugs into 1
With a raspberry Pi 2, two iPads and a powered USB HDD my power requirements were only met with 4 plugs.

Thank God for the Olixar USB Mains Charger, with 4.8A to play with despite all these power hungry devices I still have some wiggle room left. In fact I probably still have around 2amps to play with. Not only that but I now have 3 sockets spare!

I love it, and what's more it helped me tidy up some cables too :)
No more clutter
This is another one of those "I don't need this, but I'm buying it anyway", then realise you do need it, no more wondering where you can plug another device as you have run out of sockets. This is a sanity saver for all who hate cables trailing all over the place.
Great product
Great product and competitively priced with a two for one offer - has been really useful, especially in disciplining me to charge my Apple watch & iPhone together each evening. It makes life a lot more organised and easy.
Excellent multi country charger
I purchased this charger to use in Spain, USA and Bulgaria and this fits the bill perfectly. It happily charged an iPad air, iPhone 6, samsung 5 and a samsung tablet all at the same time without getting warm or failing. The interchangeable plug adaptor makes this the perfect choice for international travellers as one charger does really fit all! Excellent product 5☆ product
4USB Mains Charger a useful time saver
I have a Kindle, a mobile and a camera. All need charging. Fortunately the different connections allow me to charge more than one device at the same time.
Just get one, your will find it essential
Recently we returned from vacation where we spend a couple of night in different hotel.
There was only one common in the the hotels, that there was only one main charger in the rooms to charge use.
Carrying multiple charger for all your devices is bulky and uncomfortable.
One of my 1st thing after holiday to find the best multi charger to charge an iPhone 6, LG G3, a tablet , a Pebble and 2 emergency chargers.
Then I came across with this charger and ordered immediately.
When I purchased this it was under a promotion, so I got 2 for the price of one.
Since I have them, one set is packed and ready to travel and the other is in constant use and I got rid of all the other charger in the house.
This device covers all my charging needs quickly and reliably.
Oh, did I mentioned than your can used it all across the globe with the supplied different mind heads?
This is my best purchase for a long time. Go for it, I can't recommend highly enough.
Thumbs up!
Great product - prompt delivery! Would buy again
Thumbs up!
Great product - prompt delivery! Would buy again
I saw this item by chance while I was on the mobilefun website and decided to buy it. Even my son thinks it's great. I am glad I bought it.
Excellent produvt
Decided to buy this as we have so may items to charge, 2 phones, 2 iPads, 2 evokes, camera batteries etc and very often limited points available. An adapter which can charge 4 items from one point is a godsend. Used on a cycling holiday in Croatia and very impressed. iPads charged very quickly and phones also. Can definitely recommend
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