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Средство для защиты и очистки экрана CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaning and Protection - 50ml

Жидкость CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaner and Protector сочетает в себе свойство нанотехнологий для защиты экрана вашего смартфона или планшета. Жидкость создает невидимый слой на поверхности экрана который защищяет его от грязи, отпечатков пальцев, бактерий и пятен.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40369
  • Brand Olixar
  • Olixar

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Why Buy?

  • Произведен вооружёнными воисками
  • Отличный для использования на сенсорных экранах телефонов, планшетов и даже на очках
  • Очищает и защищает экраны от отпечатков пальцев, бактерий и грязи
  • Улучшает вид экрана а также придает более приятное ощущение при прикосновении к экрану
  • Легко наносится

Liquid layer nanotechnology designed by the military

CleanSeal heralds the next development of screen protection. Liquid-based, CleanSeal creates a nanotechnology barrier on your mobile device in order to protect against fingerprints, smudges and bacteria. CleanSeal was originally developed by the military for cleaning and sealing Tiger attack helicopter windscreens 

Ideal for use with touchscreens on phones, tablets and even glasses

CleanSeal screen protection solution is ideal for use with any kind of screen including PC monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It helps to make touchscreens easier to use and clean by removing dirt and creating a protective barrier. CleanSeal solution can also be effective for use with glasses, sunglasses or goggles to reduce fingerprint smudging and increase water-resistance.

Cleans and protects screens from fingerprints, bacteria and grease

By applying CleanSeal to your device not only does the product remove dirt rather than dissolving it but the particles of dirt adhering to the surface are easier to remove thanks to the barrier effect. CleanSeal is anti-bacterial and hydrophobic which means that it prevents bacteria build up on your screen as well as repelling water.

Furthermore, with CleanSeal applied your screen will pick up less fingerprints and can be wiped clear dust and grime build up.

Clean2go CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaning and Protection - 50ml    Clean2go CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaning and Protection - 50ml

Enhances the appearance and feel of your touchscreen devices

Using CleanSeal on your mobile devices will help to ensure that they look and feel like new with vibrant and clean screens.

Easy to apply

Lasting for approximately a few days CleanSeal is easily applied to your devices. Simply apply 5 drops for smartphones or 12 for tablets and gently rub the solution across the screen of the device using the included microfibre cleaning cloth. Leave the device for 5 minutes before use to ensure the protective barrier has fully sealed. CleanSeal can be used for approximately 70 applications.

Clean2go CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaning and Protection - 50ml    Clean2go CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaning and Protection - 50ml

What's in the box?

  • 1 x 50ml CleanSeal
  • 1 x Ткань из микрофибры

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